Everyone has had their fair share of lousy bosses, and plenty of employees have sworn they would do things differently given the opportunity to be boss. For those who have earned the title, make sure your good leadership skills and intentions aren’t under an avalanche of emails, meetings and phone calls.

Although the fate of a small business is a lot to bear, being a good boss is worth the time and energy to keep employees happy. If you want to be sure you are a good boss, check this list for five warnings that you might not be on your best behavior.

1. You scare the office.

If you begin to notice that no one approaches you with a problem, there could be a disconnection with your employees. Be aware that your mood and communication has an impact on the team. In order to be a better communicator, encourage an open dialogue and listen.

Bad Boss Behavior

2. No one keeps you involved.

If you also begin to notice that huge decisions are being made without your approval, that could mean employees are working around you rather than with you. It is beneficial to define your primary functions and responsibilities for your employees so you can ensure you are being channeled during appropriate projects.

3. You’re indecisive.

Being the boss comes with a growing amount of responsibilities, and it can be hard to learn how to play the new role. If by the time you make a decision for the company the opportunity is lost, you need to re-evaluate. Remember it’s never too late to consider management training.

4. Everyone else seems incompetent.

Don’t be the boss who thinks they have to do everything themselves, instead, delegate. Micro-managing stifles confidence and can be counterproductive. Take the time to know your employees and their strengths and empower them by allowing them to tackle big projects and problems.

5. You’re negative.

Wanted or not, you have an impact on the office morale. Negativity sets a bad example for the office. If you start to expect the worst from your employees, don’t be too surprised when that is exactly what you get. Positivity breeds positivity. A good way to help harvest a positive environment is to offer genuine positive feedback. Show appreciation to let your staff know their work is being noticed.

There are several things you can do to get along better with colleagues or you might not be the boss for very long. It is important for the person in charge to make better connections at work in order to encourage a better work environment to increase productivity and employee retention.

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