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Why Companies Should Embrace Generational Diversity in the Workplace

One of the biggest challenges that companies face today is to manage age diversity in their workforce. First, it must be stressed that age diversity is a good and helpful thing. It brings many different points of view to your team and helps you relate to customers of all ages. However, employees of diverse ages tend to act differently in the work environment, and tensions often form between them. A working human resource strategy must recognize and address these […]

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The Top Health Hazard in Companies: Stress

Stress is a very real problem in the workplace, and your human resource strategy must address it. Often, stresses are worst for the most sedentary of jobs. Office jobs are very demanding mentally and offer little or no time for physical exertion to work out stresses. On the other hand, labor-intensive jobs can be just as stressful if they push employees beyond their physical limits. In both scenarios, there is a point where employees become less productive and their […]

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What You Need to Know When You Recruit Executives

The most crucial component of a business success is bringing the right people on board. This is particularly true when hiring executives and managers. They set the tone for the whole company right down to the lowest-level employees, whose supervisors tend to mirror the managers and executives. If managers are nitpicky and controlling, so are supervisors. If managers are hands-off and allow a lot of autonomy, so do the supervisors. Similarly, managers also tend to mirror executives. Therefore, companies […]

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5 Signs You May be a Bad Boss and How to Change

Everyone has had their fair share of lousy bosses, and plenty of employees have sworn they would do things differently given the opportunity to be boss. For those who have earned the title, make sure your good leadership skills and intentions aren’t under an avalanche of emails, meetings and phone calls.

Although the fate of a small business is a lot to bear, being a good boss is worth the time and energy to keep employees happy. If you want […]

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How to Get Great Job Candidates

If you’re hiring right now, you’re probably getting inundated with resumes of varying quality. Just glancing through the resumes to find the best ones can take hours. The pressures on your business may prompt you to rush a decision just so you can get your focus back on other things. However, personnel decisions are never good ones to rush. That’s why it is a good idea to partner with a human resources firm that provides recruiting services. They can […]

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The Obvious Secrets to Improving Employee Retention

Some employee turnover is inevitable, and arguably necessary. At times, turnover replaces employees that perform poorly with more productive ones, and new people tend to bring in new ideas. However, high turnover is undesirable.

When it comes to high turnover, it can cost your company valuable time and money in terms of:

Recruiting costs
Orientation time
Lost productivity
Potential client dissatisfaction
Lost expertise

The time to work on your company’s retention and work environment is not during a crisis. It is best to organize your efforts, […]

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Headhunting for Great Leaders

A good executive can be hard to find.

You want to use job listings that executives will go to, like Monster and LinkedIn to name a couple. It certainly does not hurt to actively recruit either. The best hiring firms use headhunters, or “executive recruiters,” to find good executives and managers for your business. These executive search firms are very good at finding and filtering the best candidates.

How Headhunting Works
Headhunting is a time-consuming process, and the best headhunters must cover […]

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The Quick Guide to Performance Reviews

You might be surprised at how many companies do not effectively conduct annual performance reviews. Too often, companies have them, but they turn out to be rushed paperwork sent to HR with the employee out the door in minutes. The impression this gives the employee is bad. Often, poor performance reviews can leave the employee feeling as if their boss—and company—are not particularly interested in their long-term goals. Top talent might even stop to think “Why should I stay?”
Benefits […]

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8 Things To Do Post Job Interview

An interview may be over, but it’s never too late to make a good impression on a potential employer. Because our peo services include recruiting, we know a lot about the hiring process and making impressions. Here are eight different strategies we think will help you increase your candidacy.

Continue to show your interest in the position. Be clear at the end of your interview with your intentions. If you are still interested in the position, end with a positive […]

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Handling Employee Part-Day Leave

There are many events that may require an employee to take half a day off. While full-day leave is easy to define and account for in company policy, part-day leave can be harder. The issues that cause employees to take off part of a day may involve matters that step into legal grounds. Policies about partial-day leave must take these issues into account. An administrative services organization (ASO) can help you establish good, sound policies for these situations.

Working Parents
In […]

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