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So, Are Droids Taking Our Jobs?

Andrew McAfee asks an important question in the TED Talk in Boston.

Are droids taking our jobs?

After analyzing labor data, McAfee shares his perspectives on the future of employment while trying to find out exactly how technology affects the way people make a living. Although the numbers don’t look so good, McAfee voices his optimism for the future – that even if robots and algorithm do better at certain tasks, he reminds us that economies run on ideas, which are […]

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Is Building Your Employer Brand Worth It?

Attracting and retaining top talent in business has become more challenging than ever. With the eventual exit of the Baby Boomer generation from the workforce, the number of younger people entering won’t be enough to fill in the positions of those who left.

This latest trend is perhaps one of the reasons behind the increasing popularity of talent management rather than just plain hiring and recruiting. Smart companies have become more conscientious about their efforts in attracting the best people. […]

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LinkedIn Shares Tips to Boost Your Company Brand

LinkedIn shares 20 tips to amplify your brand on the most popular professional social networking site.

For companies, the way you are perceived influences the kind of talent you attract. Your “brand” makes people either want to work for you or not at all. So paying attention to improving it is necessary whether you are a small business owner or an entrepreneur.

Make the effort to grow your brand on LinkedIn and other platforms by applying the tactics shared in the slide presentation […]

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Employees: What Do Employers Want from You?

No matter what industry you want to work in, your chances of getting hired or ahead of the pack depend on a number of important things. Serious employers spend a lot money finding and hiring top talent, so they naturally expect the best.

Employers know that employees with the right qualities can do wonders for their business. They want people who can drive their company forward. So let’s take a look at some of the important qualities that will help […]

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Social Recruiting is Getting Hotter. Here’s the Infographic that Proves It

Jobvite’s sixth annual Social Recruiting Survey reveals just how much social recruiting has permeated the HR arena. With more than 1,600 HR and recruitment professionals as respondents, the survey has some surprising finds, including:

How much LinkedIn is loved by the HR community (93%)
But how many are also inclined to use Facebook (65%) and Twitter (47%) for promoting employer brand
And just how much posts about “sex, drugs, and rock & roll” can hurt one’s chances of getting hired (hint: a lot)

While […]

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How to Fight Work Burnout

Burnout has become buzzword when it comes to talking about employee health and satisfaction. But this doesn’t make it any less real.
Work or job burnout, simply put, is a state of exhaustion by workers because of prolonged and excessive stress. It can happen you feel overwhelmed with work. Over time, because of the constant demands of your job, you start to lose motivation.
The passion and inspiration that led you to take on the challenges of your work in the […]