The mission of LLC is to optimize clients’ Websites, apps, social, sales, PR, advertising and search positioning (on Phones, Pads/Tablets, PCs, TVs, Games, etc.) while promoting their new and existing products and services in an exceptional manner. LLC will offer its clients Content & Design, Market Research, Secret Shopper & Competitor Reviews, Crowd Feedback, Crowd Voting & Surveys, UI Reviews & Usability Testing, Keyword Optimization, Domain Research, Lead Generation & SalesForce Software Databases, plus related services that can be efficiently and profitably provided using modern methods and technologies surrounding the evolving realm of “crowdsourcing”.

We have numerous other past successful corporations and charities illustrating our skills, which you can review at

You will transform LLC’s Business Concept into a working business model.  And as the General Manager, you will also help build the company from the ground up using the best practices found in Mike Mann’s book, and by keeping in mind the 2013 Business Model for all the companies under Mike Mann, which includes LLC.

You (with the help of your team) will be the person between the client (you know the client’s needs) and the client’s customers (you know their interests). The information that you will gather can be used to sustain and enhance the client’s relationship with his customers.


  • Extensive experience in internet marketing and crowdsourcing
  • Experience in architecting highly scalable systems
  • Experience in online marketing, SEO, business intelligence, or data management
  • Excellent understanding of virtualization and cloud computing architectures.
  • Experience in Business Development and Sales
  • Minimum of 3 years management experience
  • Must be located in the USA or the Philippines and can work from home
  • Skilled in the areas of business mathematics and should have strong analytical skills.
  • Must have superior PSDM (problem solving and decision making) skills and conflict management abilities.
  • Detail oriented and organized, with exceptional prioritization skills.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills (English and vernacular).
  • Technologically adept and has the initiative to learn new skills.
  • Have read and understood the contents of and

To apply for this position, send your resume (attached file) to Careers (at) ProHR (dotcom). The filename of your resume should indicate your full name. Do not forget to indicate on the Email Subject Line, the position and company you are applying for. Please include at least 2 references (previous supervisor or client) with their contact information for your background check. LLC is founded by Mike Mann, a social entrepreneur.
Mike Mann is the founder and chairman of a global network that provides free services to non-profits and promotes social action.
Mike is also the founder of several successful, active, for-profit corporations. Three of these corporations were listed among the “2012 INC 500 Fastest Growing Companies in America”, including Inc, LLC, and LLC.
In many cases his companies exchange resources, talent and technologies in their never-ending quest to deliver innovative, profitable digital products and services.

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