If you’re hiring right now, you’re probably getting inundated with resumes of varying quality. Just glancing through the resumes to find the best ones can take hours. The pressures on your business may prompt you to rush a decision just so you can get your focus back on other things. However, personnel decisions are never good ones to rush. That’s why it is a good idea to partner with a human resources firm that provides recruiting services. They can screen your applicants quickly so that you only need to look at the best ones.

Screening Services

Whether the recession is over or not, the job shortage it caused continues. More than eight percent of Americans are desperately looking for work—that’s more than 25 million people! Desperate job seekers tend to send out large quantities of mediocre resumes to dozens of jobs per day, including jobs that they are not qualified for. This makes your job incredibly challenging. The best way to reduce the volume to something manageable is to outsource.

Recruiting firms are better equipped to handle large amounts of applications for several reasons. First, they have many HR personnel skilled in screening processes. Second, they often use online application systems that cause less-committed applicants to self-select out. Third, they can cross-check applicants against more than one job to ensure an even better fit between candidate and position.

For example, suppose that a recruiting firm uses an online application form that takes about 30 minutes to complete, and all applicants must use it rather than submitting a cover letter or resume. Unqualified applicants are far less likely to apply “just in case” when it involves a lengthy application form. Those who do are easily noticed because the online application puts all the resumes into the same format for easy comparison, making it clear who has enough experience.

Now let’s suppose that your job posting gets a mediocre showing. Rather than choosing between the mediocre candidates, the recruiter can look at applicants to other jobs and see if any of them will be an excellent fit for yours. This means that you get a bigger pool of qualified applicants through a recruiter than you would on your own.

Interviewing Services

Once the recruiter has sent you the best resumes to choose from, they can now assist with the interviewing process. Some recruiting firms will even carry out the first interview for you, if you like. Then you only need to review the very best of applicants. Other firms will help you design a quick and efficient interview strategy so that you can quickly screen applicants through structured interviews. In these structured interviews, you ask each candidate the same questions and rate their responses so you can compare them more easily. Some recruiters will participate in the interview so that you have their expert help in choosing the final candidate.

Where to Find Recruiting Services

Administrative service organizations usually provide recruiting services and professional employer organizations always do. There are also recruiting firms that focus solely on the hiring part of human resources. Each of these types of firms can provide high-quality candidates and make your hiring decision much easier. The time you save on a hiring decision is time spent on something more profitable, so these services pay for themselves.

To decide which recruiting services are best for your needs, take a close look at their connections. A good firm will have a hiring database on their own site plus contracts with employment sites such as Monster.com, Indeed.com, Jobs.com, and more. They will also utilize career fairs at university and government venues to meet potential applicants in person, which is often the very best way to find job candidates.

Recruiting firms are excellent sources of fantastic, productive employees. They can locate the talent you need to make your business successful, and they can do it less expensively than you could.

If you want to find the best people to work for your company, minus the headache, contact us today and we’ll get you great job candidates.