What employers want from eployees

No matter what industry you want to work in, your chances of getting hired or ahead of the pack depend on a number of important things. Serious employers spend a lot money finding and hiring top talent, so they naturally expect the best.

Employers know that employees with the right qualities can do wonders for their business. They want people who can drive their company forward. So let’s take a look at some of the important qualities that will help you stand out from the crowd and what you can do to improve your chances of getting ahead in your work.

Be Proactive

Progressive businesses want to work with people, not drones. They want to work with people who can analyze and think critically. Proactive employees help a company succeed by going to their employer with solutions instead of problems.

Of course, in order to suggest the right solutions, it’s important for you to have the experience and knowledge to make such calls. Continue to hone your skills and specialize if you need to. Keep on learning and applying what you learn. This way, you get more confident about your decisions and actions. With today’s technology, finding solutions to problems can be as easy as researching the web, applying what you learned, and refining the solution.

Be Honest and Trustworthy

Employers want to work with people they can trust. Honesty, starting with what you put down in your resume, starts you off on the right path with your employer. Big HR departments and competent recruiting companies know how to do thorough background checks and you will eventually get caught if you put false information in your resume.

Taking responsibility for your actions and giving credit to where it’s due are forms of honesty valuable employees have. Employers and managers value integrity and authenticity because such attributes reflect positively on the company.

Be a Team Player

Most businesses and companies actually require employees be team players and rightfully so. Most work done today involves collaboration with many people from different departments from all around the world. Whether you work online or in a physical office, being a team player is a necessity. In fact, it’s more important for virtual teams because constant or regular communication is needed. Reason why being a good communicator is also important.

This may seem daunting to introverts, but team collaboration, especially a well-planned and results-oriented one, can be quite stimulating and fun. While you have to do a part of your work by yourself, you have to remember that you have fellow employees who you need to work with to make any project a success.

Be Dedicated

Many employees today settle with doing what is required of them, that is, just the right amount of work to justify receiving a wage. While this may be reasonable to most, and even the right thing to do for some, valuable employees are do more than that. They are dedicated.

But you can’t be dedicated when you don’t enjoy your job. That’s why, as an employee, or a potential one, you should do work you’re passionate about. While money is a great motivator, don’t settle for just that. Dedicated employees know that their value to the company increases when they go beyond what is expected of them. When you find yourself excited rather than terrified to solve a problem, you know you’re on the right track.

Be Positive

Cliche, we know. But nobody wants to work with a sourpuss. Since teamwork and positive work culture are vital for many companies and their employees’ overall health, being an employee with a good attitude and sense of humor is important to maintain a positive atmosphere in any workplace, virtual or otherwise.

There are companies who go so far as requiring applicants to be “extroverts” or those who thrive in social situations. And it’s understandable especially in sales and marketing. But no matter where you are in the personality spectrum, you have to remember to do your job cheerfully so other people can work comfortably and cooperatively with you.

Your Call: Cultivate the Right Attributes

Ultimately, companies and employers want employees who will love their business as much as they do. They know that they can train many people on their service or product but not on self-confidence, honesty, dedication, and a good attitude. So work on these attributes and show your employers that you’re an asset and can help the company succeed.

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